General Manager Message

Over the last three years, LUKOIL Group have made serious investments into the region within the framework of the long-term of its investment program. At the same time, Company is proactively engaged in the projects targeting optimization and development of the current assets, expansion of the station network and the effectiveness of the supply logistics.

During the three year period, we have successfully completed the quality transformatıon of our station network, and now targeting homogenous expansion of our perfect product and service quality standards.

Paying close attention to the HSE-Q standards and fuel quality warranty, we are making substantial investments into the infrastructure and research and development module that helps us to sustain high quality of the fuel product that is being filled into more than 4 mln depots per year in Turkey.

We employ new customer-oriented model in our relationship with dealers. Our common customers are now paying more attention to the fuel economy and have higher expectations. That’s why we built the basis of our dealer relations by developing common projects targeting client satisfaction and higher business standards.

The fact that LUKOIL is the globally renowned brand is positively affecting all stages of our communication and relationship with current and potential dealers. At the moment retail network of LUKOIL Group is expanded to more than 27 countries such as USA, CIS and European countries and contains more than 6 thousand stations. On each of these station we offer high quality, environment-friendly and reliable high quality ECTO fuels.

Our new management team is recently working on the new projects that will further enhance the reliability of LUKOIL fuel and service standards that we are proudly to presenting to Turkish consumers.

General Manager
Arash Repac