Social Responsibility Policy

We follow the principles of sustainable development and take them into account when setting goals and objectives for our business, which helps achieve social stability in the regions of the Company’s presence and creates preconditions for future development.

When we mention Company’s contribution into development of the business presence regions we refer to assistance in finding solutions to a number of crucial challenges, including:
  • Improving performance of our enterprises through investments into fixed assets and efficient managerial decisions;
  • Reducing environmental impact;
  • Selling state-of-the-art, user friendly green products;
  • Keeping human resources in the regions and improving their quality;
  • Developing related technologies, which includes creation and utilization of innovation products.
The Company’s public relations policy is determined by the Social Code. LUKOIL utilizes various approaches to implementing the policy updating them as new professional forms of such activities appear and our partners show they are ready to accept them. We use the term «social investment» with respect to a number of long-term programs. Our understanding of this term is that it is an innovation-based managerial approach that includes maximizing efficiency of utilizing the funds allocated for improvement of quality of life in the regions of our presence by joining the effort of the business, governmental authorities, non-profit, municipal and other organizations.

LUKOIL’s portfolio includes charity and sponsorship projects and programs that are still demand. For example, Company’s support to sports and culture facilities helps preserve best practice and human resources, while sometimes it brings our operations to the new professional level.