Personnel Management Policy

The Company's employees form the basis of LUKOIL's potential. As of today our workforce counts nearly 150,000 specialists who work in more than 60 regions of Russia and 30 countries of the world on four continents.

Given that our employees' professionalism and their satisfaction with their work are considered a basis of the Company's prosperity, in May 2003 LUKOIL adopted a Personnel Management Policy, which is a comprehensive document in the area of human resources management. The Personnel Management Policy relies on the fundamental principles of the Company's activities and mission to be one of the leaders among the largest energy companies in the world.

The Personnel Management Policy is a policy of an integrated company, having a strong and stable corporate culture and a well-shaped system of corporate values.

The basis of the Personnel Management Policy is creation of a system providing for specific measures:
  • To provide incentives for each employee to achieve objectives stipulated by the Company's strategy;
  • To define criteria for results evaluation;
  • To reward and provide incentives for employees.
The main goal of the Personnel Management Ppolicy resides in the creation of such human resources management system, which would enable LUKOIL to have a stable status of the "preferable employer" in the labor market.