New Generation Motor Fuel

Motor fuel for a modern vehicle
Our lives are changing rapidly. Modern cities are growing fast. An ever-increasing number of cars flood the streets. A vehicle that has long become an integral part of modern life is also changing constantly. A lot of people can hardly imagine their lives without it in the city. New, more advanced models are coming out every year. Vehicles are getting more complex and ever more demanding. One of the escalated demands of a modern car is higher fuel quality. Today, motor fuel must comply with the current European standards. The urban environment has also become a major issue. There is only one solution to this problem: to create motor fuel that will be safer for the city environment and will not harm a vehicle's engine.

New generation ECTO gasoline
  • Reduced impurity in the injection system;
  • İmproved fuel combustion;
  • Reduction of fuel consumption;
  • extended engine oil life;
  • corrosion protection;