Lukoil introduces new Ecto Diesel enriched by DOUBLE FORMULA;

Starting from 2009 Lukoil customers enjoy special additive formula of Ecto Diesel. With new economic diesel Ecto Eurodiesel it is now possible to save more fuel.

Thanks to special DOUBLE FORMULA* detergent agent superior quality Lukoil Eurodiesel provides fuel save from the very first usage.

Ecto Eurodiesel is designed to decrease performance losses regardless of type of your vehicle. It’s DOUBLE FORMULA provides intensive cleaning action to your engine and protects its most important parts which results to greater performance.
  • Provides fuel saving starting from the very first usage;
  • Double formula cleaning detergent provide cleaning action to the fuel and injector systems of your vehicle;
  • Facilitates optimum ignition and combustion of engine;
  • Special additives improves performance of the vehicle by protecting engine;
  • Environment friendly, facilitates lower emission by more efficient combustion;
  • Optimum lubrication and engine protection;
  • Cold weather resistant up to -20 ° C in winter.
  • With maximum 10 ppm of sulphur content, Eurodiesel is suitable for all types of both old and new vehicles, commercial trucks and all diesel engine vehicles in general;
  • Ecto Eurodiesel quality complies with TS EN 590 diesel and Euro 2,3,4, and 5 standards and suitable for all types of engines;
  • After regular usage of Lukoil Ecto Eurodiesel you will start noticing fuel saving;

Modern diesel engines are using highly sophisticated and fragile injection technology to provide minimum emission and superior driving experience. After some times, some residues are starting to form on the parts of the fuel injection system. In order to sustain the high performance of the engine it is crucial that one keeps all parts of its sensitive system in a good condition.

DOUBLE FORMULA of Ecto Eurodiesel is designed to clean and prevent formation of such impurities.

We highly recommend our customers to start using fuel saving fuel Lukoil Ecto Eurodiesel on a permanent basis to enjoy its advantages;

* Enriched with double additive formula. Tested by independent laboratories.